How to win a scholarship?

Below is a message to all students who are graduating from school or starting their studies at university. For those who want to gain international experience because they understand the relevance on a personal, academic and professional level. Studying or getting an education away from home takes more than money, will and preparation.

Tell The Truth Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships are financial assistance provided by governments or private agencies to enable them to take advantage of these international opportunities. But why should someone sponsor our research and travel? Scholarships are now a form of international cooperation between nations to train future leaders who can continue to contribute to national and global development. Just as countries lend money at preferential rates, donate money, and send troops, they share information with each other on issues that benefit each other.

Scenarios vary, but in general, the following scholarships can be classified into two types.

When a foreign country stays in the country and trains to contribute because the local population is not interested in knowledge in the field or the demand for talent is higher than the current supply in the field.

This means that scholarships are not awarded on the basis of need on the part of the applicant, but on the interest of the donor to benefit or benefit a friendly country. increase. This breaks a very important myth about scholarships and shows that scholarships are not just for people with financial difficulties. You don’t have to show sympathy to win a scholarship. Just show that you deserve a scholarship and that you are the best investment (even if you really have money problems).

Note the `prove` keyword. You don’t have to be a math or philosophy genius or a bookworm. We need to market ourselves in the right way while truly communicating our desire to contribute to something greater than ourselves. Finally, the scholarship will match our profile with other applicants’ profiles and make a decision based on the information you provide (resume, motivation, notes, references).

How do I create a profile to win a scholarship?

To win a scholarship or funding, the information provided must be true and verifiable. So instead of inventing, you should start preparing. Instead of thinking about the weekend, think long term. Create a plan and develop habits and actions that bring you closer to your goals each day.

Besides good grades, there are five important qualities that scholarship providers look for in candidates.



Social Conscience



Motivation Generate ideas. A social conscience ensures that the ideas developed also serve those who need them most and the common good. Workers need effort and patience because good things take time.

Because language tends to unite the world rather than divide it. An example of this is that English is the language of most scholarship-funded academic programs. and motivation. Because nothing works without it. With that in mind, you can identify and take actions today to build a profile that will give you an edge in the future and help you win a scholarship. Tour

Begins participation in a study, arts, or sports group. Enter contests at colleges and universities. Write publications or attend conferences that interest you.

  1. Social Awareness

Join this type of cause. Volunteer or become an advocate for those in need at your facility, workplace or neighborhood.

  1. Workers

Be proactive. Be a mentor on any topic or given topic. find a part-time job. And if working for someone else isn’t your thing, just get started. No need to invest millions of dollars. You can start selling something from your home or educational institution. Because these experiences matter. Relationships with teachers and/or employers, and references to them, are key to obtaining study abroad scholarships.

  1. Language

There is no need to talk about the importance of English in today’s globalized world. To learn a language, you can use applications like Dulinguo, free sites on the Internet, or sign up for weekend courses. Meet and practice with native speakers in your city. For this, you can join communities like Couchsurfing, MeetUp, host at home, or even offer experiences through AirBnb.


If you can finance a language course abroad, do it. Scholarships to learn English are not an option (and are also very rare and almost non-existent) for those without language proficiency. Study now and change the tip of “I can’t understand” or “I’m not good at” English. Language, like all things, requires not only patience and perseverance, but also practice.

  1. Motivation

You must prove this in a letter to your scholarship provider. This is the most important document as it gives you a chance to validate and confirm that you have an “all previous points” profile. Fulfill. Your motivation letter should demonstrate your knowledge of the country you want to visit and the course you want to study. In doing so, communicate that you are worthy of a scholarship for your accomplishments and learning, and your willingness to contribute to the programme, institution, country and/or society.

How do I find and win a scholarship?

After dedicating yourself to creating the short, medium and long term profiles sought by scholarship providers, you should:

Research and gather information

Prepare Your Documents

Submit Your Application

Go to the website of the university you want to study and look at the scholarships section. You can also visit the Ministry of Education page of the country you are interested in. On the other hand, you can analyze the scholarships already available for the program you wish to study by visiting the Scholarships section of this website. , and your willingness to contribute to the scholarship. This is the key to knowing if you meet the scholarship provider’s requirements within the application deadline. Once a decision has been made, we will prepare the necessary documents and their needs (translations, apostilles, paper or scans, etc.).

Good news awaits us next. If you don’t get a scholarship the first time, learn from the experience and prepare for the next one. Remember that new calls are always coming.

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