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Alpha and Jam has unveiled the Maslow Billboard, adjudged as world’s largest digital outdoor advert screen, at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Chief Executive Officer of Alpha And Jam, Samuel Ajiboye said the billboard is said to also be the first Truecorner LED screen in West, East and Central Africa, and the largest 3D digital billboard in Africa. 

“This is so because the world’s largest 3D digital billboard in Dubai, UAE, was installed indoors, making ours the largest outdoor screen in the world,” Ajiboye told newsmen, while lighting-up the billboard over the weekend, symbolizing the commencement of its operation.  

Ajiboye revealed that the Maslow has a display size of 800 square meters and will be seen by an audience of at least 800,000 every day, including both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It is visible to inbound and outbound traffic from both domestic and international airports and an average of 36,000 vehicles per day with a dwell length of 35 minutes. It has a total display time of 24 seconds per brand, and 19 hours per day.
He added that Maslow is undoubtedly at the top of its class in Africa with its strikingly realistic 3D display provides a unique advertising experience. It is a milestone contribution to the evolution of advertising and marketing in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

Explaining the concept behind the innovation, Ajiboye said the introduction of the 3D digital billboard would enhance advertising and marketing in the country. 

“Alpha And Jam is redefining how out-of-home campaigns are done on the continent, we will continue to stay true to our objective of empowering immersive digital out-of-home campaigns across Africa.

“The launch of The Maslow is evidence of our commitment to innovate and to provide value for our clients. It is the largest 3D billboard in Africa. It accommodates any format and has a clear view from over 800 meters away. It is simply breathtaking. We are confident that it will become a significant monument in Nigeria,” he stated.

BASL’s Head of Corporate Communications, Oluwatosin Onalaja, added that a brand’s visibility and differentiation have always been crucial to securing the acceptance, patronage, and loyalty of its audience. 

“This is the rare opportunity that the MMA2 Terminal in collaboration with Alpha And Jam are providing for Nigerian corporate entities through the Maslow Billboard,” he said 


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