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17 Sep 2022

Nkiru Amadi-Emina is an entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience in business development and ICT across public and private sectors. Passionate about technology and its ability to transform industries, Nkiru is currently the co-founder/CEO of Pivo Technology Limited.

27 Sep 2022

In order to harness the global digital economy estimated at $11.5 trillion (which translates to about 16 per cent of the global economy), the federal government has said Nigeria’s digital economy will contribute 15% of the country‘s total gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025. Stakeholders in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are, however, concerned over…

10 Oct 2022

Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Konga, Nigeria’s composite e-commerce platform, Nick Imudia, is standing down from his leadership role at the company, after a successful term as agreed

29 Oct 2022

It is often said that Nigerians do not buy online, especially via an e-commerce website. But is this really true? Before we dive into this, let’s establish some basic knowledge.  Just like commerce happens offline through the physical exchange of money for goods and services, so does it happen online too since the internet penetration…

2 Nov 2022

Nigerian startups have witnessed a number of acquisitions by foreign and local startups or investors in the past few years. Some of them include Konga’s acquisition by Zinox Group in 2016, Paystack‘s acquisition by Stripe, as well as Piggyvest‘s acquisition of Abeg just recently. These acquisitions have spelt bigger things for the brand in question…

16 Nov 2022

Celebration Church International (CCI) celebrated her tenth year anniversary on the 11th of November 2022. The ministry, initially known as Life Triumphal Church, led by Apostle Emmanuel Iren, started as a gathering of young believers and was established on 11th November 2012. The ministry has grown exceedingly in ten years and is well-known for its…


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